Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Release Date: When is Netflix streaming rest of the Episodes?


After a long wait, the fans got to see Lucifer Season 5’s first half. Season 4 finale was phenomenal and the first half of Season 5 picks up the pieces from Season 4. The first half was full of twists and turns. Many of you must have already binge watched it all.

In that case, you must already be looking forward to the second part of Season 5 or Season 6. Let’s find put what the show has in plan for its fans next.

End of Season 5

If most of you are wondering about the end of season 5, don’t worry. There’s more to come. It’s just the end of part 1 of Season 5. The season has got eight more episodes and here’s all you need to know about what’s coming next.

There are spoilers ahead if you have not seen the first part of Season 5 yet. So consider yourself warned.

The last episode of Season 5 first half titled ‘Spoiler Alert’ left the entire team of Lucifer in complete disarray. Ella gets to know that her boyfriend Pete was a serial killer. Daniel is still not done complaining about Lucifer. Amenadiel is speculating that his son Charlie may be completely mortal.

Meanwhile, Maze could not get over the fact that Lucifer hid the existence of Lilith, her mother, a secret. She even got ready to team up with Michael, manipulative brother of Lucifer. Michael not only fools Maze, but he goes on to kidnap Det. Decker.

When will fans get to see Part 2 of Season 5?

It is hard to predict when will second part release as Netflix can take two months or six months. There are chances that it may take longer than that as well. Considering the ongoing pandemic situation, delay is most likely. Even if the second part is already complete, Netflix may want to space out new releases.

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