Lucifer Season 5 Plot Details Revealed, Chloe and Devil to have Romance in Hell

Lucifer Season 5 Plot Details Revealed, Chloe will Visit Hell to Romance the Devil

Lucifer Season 5 plot details have been revealed by co-showrunner Joe Henderson and he has teased a lot of things that will happen in the show. The last season of Lucifer ended with the Devil (Tom Ellis) returning back to hell so that he can keep the monsters in check and save his love-interest Chole.

Henderson told that season 5 of Lucifer will explore their relationship from a new angel and do things that have never happened before. The discussion happened between him and Ildy Modrovich before they were working on Lucifer season 5 scripts. While he was being cryptic about the plot, it seems that Chloe will visit hell and romance the devil in the latest season of Lucifer.

Chloe will Visit Hell to Romance the Devil

Lucifer and Chloe to have Romance in Hell

Lucifer was last seen in hell and when asked about whether he will be back on earth, Henderson joked that the devil might never return to earth. It is why fans have been speculating that reverse will happen and Chloe will find a way to see Lucifer in hell.

While it is not possible for mortal humans to visit hell, we have seen that Lucifer Morningstar himself becomes mortal around Chole Decker indicating that there is something special with her. The Decktstar couple has a huge fan following including both the showrunners and want to explore their romance. It is why he can see Chloe and the Devil having romance in hell during Lucifer season 5.

Lucifer Season 5 Trailer and Release Date Updates

Lucifer Season 5 Trailer and Release Date Updates

Lucifer Season 5 is currently filming and we could very soon see a trailer within the next few months. Netflix has confirmed that season five of Lucifer will have 16 episodes which will be released in two batches of 8 episodes each.

There are also a few details based on set photos that Amenadiel will visit Lucifer in hell, a retro episode and a girl night out including Chloe and Maze. Lucifer season 5 could have a summer release date and could air in Netflix around June-July 2020.

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