Lucifer Season 6 Netflix Release Status Confirmed

Lucifer Season 6 Renewed at Netflix after Immense Global Popularity of the Devil Show

Lucifer Season 6 is in talks at Netflix and very soon an official confirmation about renewing the next installment could come out. Netflix saved Lucifer from cancellation after fans started the #SaveLucifer campaign and renewed the show for a fourth and fifth season. It is now reported Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. to take the show one further and have a sixth season.

Lucifer Season 5 is currently filming as the final season and will release this Summer having a total of 16 episodes. But the immense global popularity of Tom Ellis and his devil show has made Netflix renew Lucifer Season 6 and here is how it can continue the story forward after the final and fifth season.

Lucifer Season 6 could happen with Netflix and Warner Bros.

Lucifer Season 6 could happen with Netflix and Warner Bros.

Lucifer is a character from DC comics which is currently owned by Warner Bros. media company and it was rented to Fox when the earlier seasons were produced. But Fox canceled the show after three seasons and from thereafter Netflix made a new deal with WB studios to have two more seasons.

Now that the streaming service is thinking of Lucifer Season 6, it has to ink another deal with Warner Bros. and there won’t be any problem in that. Netflix and Warner Bros. will collaborate to produce Lucifer Season 6 which once the new renewal deal is finalized.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date and Plot Connection with Season 5

Lucifer Season 5 Finale and Season 6 Connection

Lucifer Season 6 will continue the storyline after the fifth season ends and it creates so many questions. The scripts for season 5 are already written keeping in mind that it will be the final season and hence all the plotlines will be concluded and the story will end.

There are also rumors that Lucifer or Eve will die at the end of the last episode and hence having a sixth season means continuity issues. But the writers were probably told to keep an open ending, in case the show gets extended to further seasons. Also, it won’t be that hard to rewrite a new ending and film some more scenes that could directly lead to Lucifer Season 6 at Netflix.

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