Luigi Mansion 3 release date leaked by Amazon

Luigi Mansion 3

Finally we have fetched the details for the anticipated game, Luigi Mansion 3 which is about to release in October. The release dates are leaked by none other than Amazon. Being more specific about the dates Amazon Mexico, on the highly anticipated platform Nintendo Switch will be released exclusively on 4th October. This is not the first time that Amazon Mexico has leaked the dates numerous times.

Luigi Mansion 3: Friday will be Friyay

Luigi's Mansion 3 release date leaked:

October 4 also turns out to be Friday which is a perfect day for release of big games along with Tuesday. The leaks main reason is not only Amazon but retailer who kept sending mails along with dates mentioned in it. But as we already know Amazon has always been a trusted source.

Interestingly the release date of Nintendo Switch lite is on September 20. This makes Luigi Mansion 3 a launching game for the device. This also sends a strong statement that Light will be more geared for the 3DS experience. The game is in development with priority given only to Nintendo Switch.

Twist in the tale, Bon voyage?

Luigi's Mansion 3 release date leaked:

According to the official statements from Nintendo, In Luigi Mansion 3, Luigi along with Mario and his friends embark on a journey to a luxurious hotel on receiving an invitation.

However it does not take time in turning the dreamy vacation into a terrible tragedy when they come to know about the real reason. King Boo revels that everything was a ploy to capture Mario and friends.

This is when the cowardly hero Luigi of Luigi Mansion 3 receives the guidance of Professor E Gadd once again. The reluctant hero Luigi along with Professor’s help tries to rescue his friends who are now captivated.

Luigi travels up and downs the terrible stairs of the ominous turned hotel. Now this is what the plot of the new release of Luigi’s voyage along with his friends is all about. All the switch lite fans will be delighted with this release.

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