Lupin III 3D trailer: Review and much more [Watch Trailer]

Lupin III's 3D trailer Review and more ...

With an unexpected turn of events, Lupin III 3D movie trailer which was previously thought to be disastrous is not so. With the James Bond type thriller background music and good animatography, the trailer is way better than expected.

The character development looks pretty good and the storyline also seems interesting. With a December release, Daisuke and Goemon will try to steal the night and the heart of fans of the series. The 2D version strayed away from central plot and was disliked by many fans.

The series is pretty old. It is around since 1967 but came into the spotlight later on. However, it is the first time we will see it in a full-length 3D featured movie.

The ‘Gentleman thief’ will return to us this winter. A promotional teaser was aired today,

Previous Storylines

The series is written and also illustrated by ‘Monkey Punch’, it follows the escapades of the third generation of Lupins. The grandson of Arsene Lupin, Arsene Lupin III is a thief.

Lupin will follow the storyline, as he follows his way of stealing to get fortune and fame. Lupin will be seen in action against the Interpol and ‘Zenagata’ will do everything he can to put him behind the bars.

Lupin III

Takashi Yakazaki is the director and fans can expect a quality movie from him as his work in Space Battleship Yamamato Anime was highly appreciable. The franchise is already completing its 50 years and still growing fans can expect a good film.

Takashi is still mum on the details regarding the film releasing this December. Fans anticipate that the movie will put good use of Lupin and his team. And the film will be better than its predecessors.

*The film has a release date of 6th December.

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