MacBook Pro with 16-Inch Screen expected to launch in September

16-Inch MacBook Pro expected to launch in September

Apple is planning to release a new MacBook Pro in September. It comes with a 16-Inch display. This will be given by LG Display, with 3072X1920 pixels of resolution. As according to IHS’s news on Emerging PC report.


Expectations about Apple’s new MacBook  Pro:

For comparisons, the 15 inch MacBook pro had a resolution of 2880X1800 pixels. According to Jeff Lin, he says that Apple will release a new product at the September 19 Apple event. If there are no issues with the development of the product.

As per Korean websites, The Elec recently stated that Samsung was in contact with Apple. They were providing OLED’s for the much anticipated MacBook Pro. And if the reports of IHS are believed to be true then, the notebook will be released with an LCD instead.

The rumours for the 16-Inch MacBook Pro were started by the widely known analyst Kuo. He said this in February that the MacBook Pro will be launched at some time around in 2019. He said that it will be launched with a completely new design. But he did not predict the type of display technology that will be used. He also didn’t share any other important detail.

16-Inch MacBook Pro expected to launch in September

Rumours might be true:

As per expectations, Lin claims that 16-Inch MacBook will come with a new processor, except this no other details are known.

IHS has dedicated a complete team for the research of Display, They are having close communications with the supply chain. So this rumour certainly carries some weight. The research firm accurately guessed that the original 10.5-inch iPad Pro’s screen resolution nearly 4 months before. He also predicted that LTPO would be coming to the Apple Watches.

But coming to Apple’s terms it has never released new Macs at it’s annual iPhone event in September, mostly waiting for the October instead. Considering both ways to be equally likely we will be having a 16-Inch MacBook Pro will be releasing at some point around 2019.

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