MacOS Warning: New Malware can louse into secured Apple devices

Mac OS malware can louse into secured Apple computers

The Cupertino tech giant, Apple is known for its unbreachable computers and handsets. However, security researchers are always looking for methods and possible ways to find loopholes and bugs in these operating systems. As Apple products especially Mac provides the best malware security along with the iPhones which are the most secure smartphones till date.

Recently, a researcher found a bug in the MacOS security that could infect your Apple device with malware.

MacOS malware can louse into secured Apple computers

Source: The Hacker News

MacOS malware gateway is vulnerable

Filippo Cavallarin, a security researcher found out the malware as Gatekeeper, which is potentially used by hackers to infect into the user’s computers. He also focused on the vulnerability to be hard for hackers to run a program file but with some techniques it is possible. However, the vulnerability is still to be patched by Apple.

Gatekeeper is the feature that allows the user to get a prompt notification during installation from an unknown source. Basically, the feature prompts out when an app is installed outside the Apple store. However, this feature is breached by sending a zip file to cover the vulnerability. As per the theory, hackers can literally run any code after the breaching process is completed.

Later, Filippo addressed Apple about the vulnerability and consistently Apple didn’t appear to be concerned. Further, the latest Mac OS update 10.14.5 still remains vulnerable. Moreover, this kind of malware is a threat for closing down markets and agencies. While most white hat hackers try to stop this kind of loopholes. In this process, the hackers also become more creative and use new methodologies.

MacOS malware can louse into secured Apple computers

Source: CSO

Cybercrime is booming

The cyber attack is one of the most dangerous loopholes that leave no traces to amidst. A recent malicious malware – Winnti was responsible for making fraud laundering against a pharmaceutical company. While the same malware outraged a cyber-attack against a Vietnamese gaming company.

However, governments are taking steps to prevent malware attacks and track down cybercriminals. While underground operations still make excuses to do such things. Recently, the Windows zero-day vulnerability as a local privilege escalation which allows hackers to privilege or escalate compromised hosts.

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