MAD Magazine decides to end publication in 2019

MAD Magazine

Details have come which throws light on the future of MAD magazine and future doesn’t look too bright. They are about to end the original content this year. MAD magazine has decided to end the publication later this year as per the reports. Blogger Leland came to know about the fact when MAD’s editor talked about its downfall in a Facebook group. Only after sometime Ruben Bolling, a cartoonist confirmed the reports on Twitter.

A classic ends:

According to reports Stan Steinberg MAD writer said that the publication will cease after its two issues. Although two different sources have given affirmation that the that the reports are true. Later on MAD magazines, major helper David DeGrand confirmed the news on Twitter. The respected humorous magazine was launched in 1952 at EC Comics was reinitiated in 2018. But being released in the bimonthly move was suspected as a short lifespan by fans.

Unlike DC’s vertigo relaunch which attracted much interest to revitalize the flagging brand. Two years before MAD Magazine had recruited co-founder of Bongo Comic Bill Morrison as its chief editor. The reorganization of 2017 and also the reboot in 2018 could not attract much attraction for the magazine in satire saturated world.

The decline in fan-base after relaunch:

When political humour started to work for the MAD magazines, MAD started the public criticism of Trump’s administration. The criticism did attract some fans for him but the conservative readers started disliking the magazines. As the magazine was delivering the contents once every two months while the night shows who delivered the content daily.

The reissue of the magazine never showed to pick up the pace after its decline despite varying contents. Once the departure of the veteran editor John Ficarra and other key members of the staff who rejected the cross country trip from New York to Los Angeles along with rest of editorial team of DC.

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