Madonna to witness the auction of love letter from Tupac

Madonna to witness the auction of her love-letters

A new auction detail was released that spills a lot about Madonna and Tupac. Even after striving tirelessly to stop the auction of her love-letters, Madonna has failed.

The long-winded legal battle, which she fought to stop the auction was of no avail. In the end, her love-letters along with her break-up letter is going in the auction block and is speculated to sell-out at a high price.

Love letters are up for auction!

The previously not-so-worthy letters garnered much attention due to the legal hype. As the battle raged in full force the price escalated as well. So now when Madonna is left with no other option than to witness the auction, she might release how valuable they were.

Madonna to witness the auction of her love-letters

A glimpse of one of her love letters
Source: Rolling Stones

Her love-letter from Tupac was written during his stay in prison. The Lucky star singer filed an appeal to sue her friend for auctioning them. However, she could not win and the auction is set to take on 17th July.

The mode of the auction is online. A certain amount of the total that will be garnered, is supposed to be donated to breastcancer.org. TMZ informed the masses last month that Madonna had lost her appeal. Causing her beloved letter to inevitably catapult towards the auction.

If the speculation of certain experts is trusted, then the letters might sell out for $300k.

Madonna and Tupac relationship

Madonna to witness the auction of her love-letters

Break-up letter
Source: Rolling Stones

The break-up letter from January 1995 reveals the reason for the split. The late rap-star Tupac ended his relationship with the white lady because he considered it hazardous for his career. He even stated the fact that this relationship might not bring any harm to her career but is bound to affect his.

The letter as mentioned in it was written at 4:30 am. Tupac begins the letter by saying that he waited a long time to write the letter. The reason being he did not want to leave any question unanswered. Ergo was constant finding answers for all the possible questions.

He stated that he was sorry for not being the kind of friend that he was capable of being. Asking her to understand his emotions and feelings.

The letters are anticipated to fetch a huge sum of money to its owner. So maybe that lengthy legal fight was worth every effort both parties had put-in.

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