Maharastra Cyber Announced TikTok Pro as a Malware


Last week, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok. This regulation raised in concern of security, after 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives in a clash between China and India in Galwan valley. The Indian government is worrying that China is exploiting the data and the spying activities are dangerous for Indian citizens.

Amid the banning, a malware appears as a TikTok alternative, called TikTok Pro. This fake malware looks similar to the original TikTok, requesting permissions for camera, gallery, mics, and also stealing information.

“Enjoy Tiktok Videos and also make Creative Videos again. Now Tiktok is only Available in (Tiktok pro) So Download from below. Link:,” as written in messaging apps. This message has spread around India as a link to the malware apps.

The Cyber Cell of Maharastra issued a warning regarding this TikTok Pro as a malware. This malware might put users private data in a danger.

Points to always remember

  • Users should never download any APK files that mimic services of TikTok or any other popular apps banned by the government as these can be sources of spreading malware.
  • If you come across such kind of a message through any social media platform, delete it and strictly do not forward to others.
  • http:// is not secure for the communication of private/sensitive information. Without HTTPS, a criminal third party can intercept to any data in the site
  • This fake app isn’t available on the Google Play app store and hence people are also not advised to download it from any external sources.

If users experience a cybercrime, they can report it to

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