Malware Fake Apps: More than quarter a million Genuine Apps Infected

Malware More than quarter a million apps infected by fake apps

Malware is capable of disguising itself as a benign-appearing app like Whatsapp. “Agent Smith” is a perilous malware which has affected more than 25 million across the biggest market i.e. India and USA. The game secretly replaces apps inside a users device with its infected versions. The Malware name emanates from the popular Matrix character.

“Agent Smith” quite a familiar malware:

More than quarter a million apps infected by fake apps

The Malware selects only those ads which the hacker wants the users to see, this makes hackers increase their profit through the views as per the Security researchers. The malware is specific to Android devices, Checkpoint a security firm confirmed the news on Wednesday. “Agent Smith” acts as a benign app and replaces the apps like Flipkart or Whatsapp. It replaces their original codes and replaces it with a malicious version that doesn’t let the apps to receive any updates.

According to the reports of Daily Mail, more than 15 million devices are affected in the US and in India it has just doubled its numbers to 30 million. The infections of the malware are all around the globe with countries like the UK and Australia also affected with few countries in Asia. The major outbreak of the malware is in the US and India.

 Prefer only Google Play Store:

More than quarter a million apps infected by fake apps

Jonathan Shimonovich of Checkpoint said that attacks user-installed applications and makes it almost impossible for users to combat it on their own. The virus was able to spread through a third party app store called 9 Apps. According to reports of the verge creators also used to infect Google play store through 11 other apps. But Thankfully Google has eradicated all those apps from the store.

To avoid being targeted by “Agent Smith” researchers have instructed to download only from trusted sources. Third-party app stores often are full of malware and are attack-prone which makes users vulnerable towards attacks.

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