Manifest Season 2: NBC announces the return of second season


On Monday, NBC made an announcement about the return Manifest Season 2. In this drama, the stars are Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Parveen Kaur and many more. They play the passengers on board Flight 828 which disappears for more than 5 years.

But after they step back to the ground, the passengers struggle a lot to have their lives in the old ways. This is so because their loved ones move on assuming that they are dead.

Manifest Recap

The most mysterious part of the whole story was that the passengers also heard some weird voices. The voices or the supernatural elements made them realize that they were part of a seriously bigger plan further.

In the finale it was revealed that the passengers were living in the borrowed time as their deaths are already engraved in the stone.

NBC's Manifest to Get a Renewal of the Season

Manifest to get a renewal of season 2
Source: Deadline

The executive producer of the series says that Manifest Season 2 is all about how the passengers deal with the revelations. There will be some people who would be the strict follower of “Carpe-diem” and would give their best to deal with everything. But some will also become unruly and make up the lost time.

Manifest Season 2 storyline

The worst part that the show would feature is the struggle of passengers to fit into their old lives. At that point in time, they will have no space to fit in back there where they have left from. Also, their loved ones will go with the pace of life.

Manifest Season 2 cast

Manifest had a great viewership for its season 1
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The fans are crazily excited about the show. This story brimming with mystery is a unique plot in itself. This is a plot that one would surely never think of. In the travel of time, the thrill centers in what happens next in the upcoming season.

The first season had a great fan following which made that show become a part of the top five shows of the scripted series of NBC. Season 1 had a viewership of 6.5 million viewers. This clearly indicates that Manifest Season 2 is not just going to be a big but will also break some records.

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