Mark Millar spills out who will be the next Wolverine in MCU

Taron Egerton will be the next Wolverine in MCU

From a tweet by Mark Millar, reveals that Taron Egerton will portray the Wolverine character. While the actor himself didn’t confirm about getting such a huge role. But Mark confirms his prediction to be correct, while he made speculation about Robert Downey Jr as Ironman.

However, getting such character to play will be an honour for him and a part of something very huge.

Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman portrays the character of Wolverine from the initial of the movie series. And now the complete X-Men is dead and getting a push into the MCU universe.

Logan James born in 1832 is a mutant with healing powers. During the initial days, his claws were made up of bones until the death of his love, Kayla.

Taron Egerton will be the next Wolverine in MCU

Hugh Jackman played the comic character for last 2 decades
Credits: 7 NEWS

After that, he goes through an experiment in which he gets introduce to Adamantine. In the movie, Logan Wolverine gets killed by her own Clone X-24 while his healing mechanism is on the verge of poison. However, while he dies in peace, “So, this is what it feels like”, his last words from the movie series.

Mark Millar’s speculation can be correct for Taron Egerton

The legacy of Hugh Jackman continues for almost 2 decades. And now every other is having the same question, who will play the next Wolverine? Well, Mark Millar spills the beans and notifying everyone about Taron Egerton.  And now media is keen on searching every possible hook about confirming the news.

Taron Egerton will be the next Wolverine in MCU

Taron Egerton denies of getting such role as Wolverine
Credits: Movie Web

X-Men lead a tremendous team of other unimaginable mutants discovered by Charles Xavier. His reputation is at the top level and he even took care of Charles Xavier during his old age.

And fans get bizarre about Taron being the Wolverine. While fans made a petition sign on change.org to play Danny Devito as the next MCU wolf.

Danny DeVito petitioned to be the next Wolverine

Fans filed a petition on change.org to give Wolverine to Danny Devito
Credits: GeekTyrant

His claws and his unique style of the beard made everyone fall for him. Moreover, Hugh Jackman’s acting skills are always top-notch. Thus, we all are eagerly waiting for an official confirmation for Wolverine as Taron Egerton.

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