Marshmello Joytime III launched on Music Dance Mobile Game

Marshmello Joytime III launched on Music Dance Mobile Game

Regarded as one of the most popular musicians in the past few years, Marshmello is all set to woo his fans with the launch of his new album Joytime III that too first on his own Music Dance mobile game.

The best part is that his all diehard fans can listen to these songs from Joytime III exclusively on Android and iOS way ahead of the official public release.

Joytime III album and tracks

Marshmello launched new album on Music Dance Mobile Game


Marshmello Music Dance is a free to play mobile game. It became a reality because of Marshmello and his partnership with Gamejam and Shalizi Group. The mobile gaming meets the world of exotic music is a bliss for people all over the world. Players can enjoy music, play, and even collect.

We wanted to release something that was fun and exciting for the Mellogang and this game was just that, Moe Shalizi, CEO of The Shalizi Group, said in an interview.

This is going to be a very new experience for all those who love mobile gaming. They can play along some of the biggest blockbuster songs of Marshmello.

Marshmello songs on Marshmello Music Dance

Marshmello Music Dance mobile game has songs such as Alone, Fly, and all new hits of Joytime III. Bingo! You play the games as Marshmello and level up as you keep progressing in the game.

“It’s very exciting for Gamejam to be the first game developer ever to partner with an artist well-known like Marshmello to launch an album exclusive for 24 hours within a game which has never been achieved before,” Christian Calderon, CEO of Gamejam said in an interview.

Marshmello has earned more than 2 billion streams on Spotify and has over 40 million monthly listeners on the platform. His Happier song smashed all records around the world with total streams crossing a million mark. The artist has more plans further. Keep reading to know them.

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