Marvel Eternals exclusive: Ma Dong Seok is set to portray the strong hero Gilgamesh

Marvel Eternals exclusive cast images, plot, details and more...

SDCC 2019 is over, and fans still cannot get over all the information it brought for them. Marvel Studios and fans had a fantastic time at SDCC. Exclusive announcements and interviews regarding upcoming movies and their plots were made. One such upcoming movie in MCU’s slate of 2019 is Marvel Eternals.

It will now open the doors of cosmic levels in the MCU. However, cosmic entities previously were stated in various MCU movies, i.e. Celestials, EGO the living planet. Inspired by Jack Kirby’s storyline, Eternals has an amazing cast.

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Marvel Phase 4 already expanding MCU with Eternals

Korean actor, Ma Dong Seok shared a series of images with the star cast, including Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, and Kumail Nanjiani. Pictures from SDCC 2019 depict the actor familiarizing him with the cast and MCU.

Ma Dong Seok is set to portray the strong hero Gilgamesh, the forgotten ones. Gilgamesh is a strong character with an endless set of abilities. One of the obvious ones is superhuman strength. The strength is comparable to Thor and Sentry. Gilgamesh is the strongest of the Eternals.

Marvel Eternals exclusive cast images, plot, details and more...

Seok, actor of Train to Busan and The Neighbour made Instagram posts with the captions #Marvel, #Eternals and #Gilgamesh.

Marvel Eternals -Updates and Release Date

Shooting begins in August, after 2-3 weeks. The director of the Marvel Eternals movie is Chloe Zhao. He is the director behind hits like Songs my Brother taught, and The Rider and me.

The Eternals will tell the story of genetically modified creatures formed by experimentations by the Celestials. The estimated release date is 6th November 2020. *tentative.

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