Marvel Ironheart might replace Iron Man

Marvel Ironheart might replace Iron Man

The death of our supercool superhero Iron Man has turned all fans into zombies on hunger strike. The void has widened over time. It should now fill on time too to help these mightiest fans overcome the pain of the loss.

Iron Man replacement rumours


Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr will have no successor as Iron Man any time soon

There were rumours doing the rounds suggesting that the character of Iron Man will be replaced by another superhero. However, who will fill this gap is still a mystery bigger than that of the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls.

Feige spills the beans for fans

Haze on the glass though seems to be disappearing. Former President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has finally spilt the beans more than fans can brew. He says that there is no replacement around. The void is untouched and will remain so for some more time.

Marvel Ironheart will be penned by Eve Erwing

Marvel Ironheart will be penned by Eve Erwing

There were rumours that Ironheart, a girl named Riri William will fill in the gap. She builds her own superhero suit and even gets approval of being a vigilante. Fans were assuming that Ironheart is the best superhero to take over after the death of Tony Stark.

“I think it’s a great character, and it’s been fun to see how she evolves in the comics. I just saw that quote, too. But again, the future…,”

Feige said in an interview before the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The former president of Marvel Studios further added that the future of Ironheart is not in his hands. He is not in a position to discuss whether Ironheart will be part of MCU.

Marvel Ironheart might replace Iron Man

He signed off by saying that he is overwhelmed to see the response Avengers: Endgame has received world over. The fandom of Marvel superheroes is unbelievable. Fans can’t wait to see more superheroes making their debut soon.

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