Marvel Phase 4 already expanding MCU with Eternals

Marvel Phase 4 already expanding MCU with Eternals

Marvel is already working with Phase 4 with Black Widow and Eternals. With Spiderman Far From Home ensured a complete win for Marvel at the end of Phase 3. 2018 was already a major year for Marvel, but Kevin Feige and the team are not stopping there.

With Guardians of the Galaxy series and Thor series, we got an idea of the Cosmic universe Marvel was having in mind. However, Eternals is a different story.

It is scheduled to release in 2020. Marvel already has 2 dates scheduled for movies in 2o20 in May and November and Eternals could be in any month. Eternals casting is mostly done with an amazing star cast.

Angelina Jolie, Millie Bobby Brown(Stranger Thing and Godzilla (2019)) and Kumail Nanjiani are up for the roles. Richard Madden is also included in the ‘Marvels Cosmic Extension’.

Eternals in the comics were found by ‘Jack Kirby’ when he left DC comics. Jack already had built New Gods for DC and had a similar idea in mind. Eternals story goes like this..

Phase 4: Marvel already expanding MCU with 'ETERNALS'

Origin of Eternals

When Celestials enter in Earths primitive form, they form two species through genetics, The Eternals and The Deviants. Such experiments were also performed on various planets like Kree and Skrulls (*Captain Marvel).

Eternals protect humans from Deviants, as Deviants are genetically unstable and monstrous. Thus overtime Eternals grow advance in technology but still are not fully Immortal. They divide into two halves, one is led by Kronos and other by Uranos.

Hopefully, Marvel will follow the same storyline. Next week we have SDCC, there Marvel will give the lineup of movies next year. Millie Bobby Brown is the latest cast in it. Further, Marvel is in talks with The Legendary Baba Yaga ‘Keanu Reeves’ for a role in MCU.

MCU fans speculate that Angelina Jolie will play ‘Sersi’ a Deviant killer and a 4th Gen. Eternal. Sersi in comics also became an ally to Thor, which can take place in MCU too.

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