Marvel The Eternals: Will Salma Hayek be a part of it?

Marvel The Eternals: Will Salma Hayek be a part of it?

The Eternals is one of the movies for which fans are desperately waiting for. Though many things about the film is still a mystery, certain data has been unveiled. One such information is regarding the cast of the film.The famous actress Salma Hayek is starring The Eternals!!!.

Salma Hayek is a new addition to The Eternals cast

Marvel The Eternals: Will Salma Hayek be a part of it?

Salma Hayek is going to star The Etenals
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Yes, you read that right, if certain reports be trusted then this is happening. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most awaited film The Eternals is rumored to be starred by Salma Hayek. The From Dusk till Dawn actress is supposed to be set for the film.

The mysterious project of The Eternals is speculated to be negotiating with the 52 years old actress. Thought the role that will be played by her is still unknown. As reported by The Wrap Salma Hayek has been approached by the production firm of the bound-to-be blockbuster film.

Other anticipated stars:

The other stars who are anticipated to be a part of The Eternals are Keanu Reeves and Richard Madden. However, the parts that will be played by them is also a mystery that is still to be revealed. It has been previously claimed that Reeves is approached for the Ikaris’s role.

Marvel The Eternals: Will Salma Hayek be a part of it?

Salma Hayek’s role is still a mystery
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Ikaris is a character who is fuelled by cosmic energy according to the film. Rumors also say that story has a romantic plot between Reeves character and Sersi. Angelina Jolie is another celebrity who is featuring the film.

Rumors also claim that Ma Dong Seok is also supposed to join the cast of the film. The 44 years old actor’s role is also undisclosed just like the others.

Salma Hayek is an American and Mexican actress as well as producer. She is even known to have worked as an model in her former years. Her carrier began in Mexico. She is famous for her role played in the film From Dusk till Dawn.

She has also featured the films Wild Wild West and Dogma.

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