Marvel’s Avengers game to be revealed at E3 2019

Marvel’s Avengers game to be revealed at E3 2019

The worldwide success of the Avengers: End Game, there is another surprise for the fans. But, this time Square Enix is really enthusiastic to unveil the Marvel’s Avengers game for their fans. Reportedly, fans are waiting to look into the box what the franchise brings to them for over years of hard work. However, a promotional video is up on the internet for further surety.

Marvel’s Avengers game to be revealed at E3 2019

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Marvel’s Avengers game majors to reassemble the Avengers

As always E3 is going to be a big bash for games, and now Avengers game is also in the list. According to a tweet, the new video game will launch at the E3 convention on June 10. The much-awaited game is finally coming live while there is myriad of suspense about the game. A video which released two years ago is captioned with hashtag #Reassemble and it shows Avengers imagery. The video also visualizes the Iron Man’s glove, the vibranium shield of Captain America and the Thor’s Mjolnir.

The iconic Avenger’s game is going to huge with the Endgame making a great spot in the movie industry. In addition, the video game is carrying all the Avengers, iconic scenes and environment that felicitates the Marvel movies. Though, covering almost everything, the game is expected to be red hot. And can be huge hits as fans are already anxious about anything that comes for the game.

Marvel’s Avengers game to be revealed at E3 2019

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Will the game end up to be huge in its storyline?

There is another speculation, about the game as the Avengers are assembling to save the world. After losing from Thanos, this can be enchanted or make sense how can it possible to make such a massive ending through a game. However, it is reported that Square Enix is partnered with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. This partnership seems like there something big roasted behind the curtains. Thus, a big ambitious project is ready to offer in the E3 2019.

More news on ‘Marvels Avengers’ taken from E3 Showcase. [IMAGE] from PS4

As the fans are waiting to get a glimpse of the game, this announcement is more than anything. Moreover, about the game details, its gameplay or the storyline is yet to be announced. The price or the official availability of Marvel’s Avengers game is also in suspense. Check out The Geek Herald for more updates.

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