Massive Huntsman Spider Eating Possum, Yes you read that right?

Massive Huntsman Spider Eating Possum

A rare Huntsman sight of a spider trying to eat a possum has gone viral over the  internet. The reactions on the internet that are received on the post are hilarious as well as alarming.

Justin Latton a housewife who hails from Tasmania Australia posted a photo of the spider attack taken by her husband. An ecologist who spotted this gruesome sight.He observed this at a lodge in Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park earlier this year.

The post was accompanied with the description as “Possum-eating spider”.

Spider eating possum, Yes you read that right?

Why so much buzz on Huntsman Spider?

The image posted by Justin to a Facebook wildlife site on Saturday took the site by storm and gathering hell lot of reactions, recording more than 5000 shares in about 24 hours.

The couple hailing from Tasmania said they were also amazed with such reactions.

Justin told that she hadn’t expected such wild reactions to this post, she expected that she would get few likes but people went bananas over her post.

She opined that the picture of a spider attacking a possum – an animal larger in size than regular prey had shocked both of them.

The image captures the spider capturing the marsupial as the possum hangs helplessly in the air.

The social media post gathered mixed reactions. Some greeted it with wonders while others were just awestruck with that sight.

Emma Powell was very much impressed with the image she said that it is once in a lifetime image and she would be so grateful if she would have witnessed this … and it is not very scary. She told that it is an interesting image and thanked for sharing such an epic photo.

“Everyone’s gotta eat, but man!” one observer posted.
Someone commented: “Justine this is so interesting. Nature never ceases to amaze me”.
But some of the people on the social media were awestruck by the size of the spider.
“Stuff of nightmares!” one person said
While someone quoted: “That’s a solid nope from me!”
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