Mazda 3 all ready to join TCR spec format in 2020

Mazda 3 all ready to join TCR spec format in 2020

Mazda has always been in the up-grading position in Motorsport division. Now it is all in motion working on Mazda 3 TCR for the 2020 IMSA SportsCar Championship. It is going to make a significant change in their performance in the Championship.

Mazda Motorsports Current Position

Mazda Motorsport is using the RT-24P which is focussing on DPi specification prototype car. But it is now working to shift on the TCR spec for better performance.

Mazda 3 all ready to join TCR spec format in 2020

It is going to be a tough competition. Three major auto manufacturers are working on developing TCR versions of their sport hatchback. Alfa Romeo, Fiat and MG are already there with their TCR versions.

Mazda 3 TCR Engine

Mazda is not the hand made a two-litre turbocharged engine which is best suited for a TCR spec. But then how will they work? TCR legend Marcello Lotti who first hinted about Mazda also says:

Mazda being such a big auto industry can plant a motor for TCR.

Some auto-makers use Mercedes MK turbo engine for their TCR spec hot-hatch. But this will not be the case with Mazda.

Mazda TCR development

It has been observed that the TCR spec version Mazda 3 is being developed in American racing division. This division focus has shifted from unsuccessful IMSA prototype towards building a successful TCR spec for Michelin Pilot Challenge next year.

Performance Mazda 3 on the cards to take on VW Golf GTI from cars

Mazda has always been the favourite option for the Australian public. And building a TCR racing version of a hatch will definitely benefit them in local racing events too.

Other TCR Performance Cars

Fiat is also working on their TCR spec of the Fiat Tipo and have submitted the chassis design of their car. Alfa Romeo has its Giulietta racer which has the best tailored two-litre turbocharged plant for the TCR.

Mazda 3 all ready to join TCR spec format in 2020

MG TCR launch in 2020

MG which is Chinese owned auto industry is also working on the same spec with addition to Geely’s new Link & Co brand. So yes most for the automakers are getting ready for 2020 championships. This is the first time that all these big fishes of the market are working for updating their positions in 2020 Championship. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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