Megan Rapione adorned ESPY Awards in formal shorts

Megan Rapione adorned ESPY Awards in formal shorts

The women’s national soccer team of the United States are on their cloud 9 tours. The much-deserved victory celebration is bound to continue for days. For they had proudly won a record-setting victory of FIFA World Cup in France!!

After their victory parade in New York, the next stop for the team is ESPY Awards. Megan Rapione like all other times stood out in the crowd of 22-woman. However, this time it was not just her purple hair that made the difference, it was her attire!!

Megan Rapione once again surprised us all!!

Megan Rapione adorned ESPY Awards in formal shorts

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team accepts the Best Team award
Source: People

megan rapinoe espy awards

The soccer squad rushed towards Los Angeles to get their hands on the Best Team Trophy. People waited to once again get a glimpse of the purple swoop of hair that sparkled all through the tournament. Of course, Megan Rapione did not disappoint any of her fans. She appeared on the red carpet looking immaculate in her tailored blazer which she coupled with formal shorts!!!

God, she has some sense of dressing!! Not a single person on earth could have seen this coming. Her unique purple hair perfectly complimented her badass formal look. However, she was not the only one who opted for a formal blazer.

Megan Rapione adorned ESPY Awards in formal shorts

Megan Rapinoe celebrates after scoring the opening goal
Source: For the Win USA Today

Christen Press and Tobin Health were her two partners in the blazer attire category. Though non-of-them went for formal shorts!! However, Tobin Health kept her cool a level up to be wearing sunglasses all through the program. Well, they are not just good at playing football, they know how to play with people’s heart as well!!

All about the ESPY Awards

The entire team of 22-woman dressed and got their make-up done on the flight itself as reported by Carli during her speech. The acceptance speech was given by Lloyd and the reason behind it is way more funny than formal!

Megan Rapinoe said that she had dropped the F-bomb ever single time she was on the stage in the past three days. So in order to spare the audience from such a moment, she decided to stay for a lesser amount of time with the mic.

Looks like she is trying to allow her teammates an equal share of spotlight!! Well, she might be considered as audacious but her team spirit is definitely something worth admiring!!

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