My Hero Academia: Famous rapper Megan Thee Stallion sizzles in a photo shoot as Todoroki

Megan Thee Stallion poses as Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

The rapper, Megan Thee Stallion has always spoken publicly about her love for anime and My Hero Academia in particular without being shy. And, her new photoshoot says it all about her desperate love. As Megan The Stallion goes in a full Shodo Todoroki from My Hero Academia style while posing for PAPER magazine cover.

Megan poses as Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

Megan Thee Stallion took out time from her busy schedule for this amazing shoot. Because she loves to portray anime characters. And, she has always rebuffed the haters that criticize her for her hobby. In the photoshoot, Megan resembles the character of Shoto Todoroki. She shot for the cover of the magazine and the magazine also contains an article about her love for My Hero Academia.

Megan’s Interview

If you are a Megan fan then, you might be eager to know about what her interview says. So here’s a quick glimpse of her interview:

  • On being asked about the schedule, the celeb told that she has always had a hectic one. By, hectic she meant about how she rose up to fame within less than a year.
  • She also admitted that her voice is a bit deep. Thus, whenever she talks she has to be clear with words what she wants to say.
  • She also talks about her family, specifically the mother. Megan says she has walked in the footsteps of her mother. And, she remembers the time when she used to see her mom writing and rapping.
  • Megan also talks about her vacay. And expresses her desire of extending the summers till October.

Megan’s Anime look

Megan Thee Stallion poses as Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

Megan Thee Stallion’s Shoto Todoroki look ( Source: HERO News)

No doubt that Megan is slaying her Shoto look. And, this comes as a result of her intense love for the character. It will be interesting to see what more we come across as a part of anime love.

For more updates, keep watching this space!


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