Meghan Markle Arrested: Did it really happen or the Rumors are Fake?


A tabloid’s cover story claims that Meghan Markle was taken into custody. Is Meghan Markle really arrested? Let’s check if it’s true.

Markle Busted!

According to New Idea, Markle has been taken into custody for protesting. Apparently, the royal family and Prince Harry were appalled by Markle’s actions. The tabloid claims that Markle was ready to protest for Black lives even if that meant getting arrested. However, there is huge difference between getting arrested and the promise of arrest pictures as claimed by this tabloid.

The article content is way different from its cover. This tabloid’s article talks about an interview with Markle and some comments made by her for the ongoing protest. It even claims that even though Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and the other members of the royal family won’t be happy to hear about Markle’s support for the ongoing protests, it didn’t affect her.

It’s a little hard to process why the royal family would be against Markle for supporting a social cause. The tabloid has tried to make a vague and totally bogus story from Meghan’s words. The tabloid’s half baked comments doesn’t reveal anything about the royal family’s reaction to Markle’s support.

Markle’s Arrest – An International News

We can safely conclude that the story about Markle’s arrest is totally made up. The tabloids are keeping a close watch on Meghan’s actions. But that doesn’t mean that everything that they publish about her is true.

If Markle was actually arrested, it would be on the front page of every newspaper. It won’t be revealed by a tabloid.

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