Metal Gear Solid to get HD remake

Metal Gear Solid to get HD remake

Metal Gear Solid gets an HD remake of its own. The project is initiated by Dreams amateur Bearly Regal, who has been working on it for long. He also uploaded a video of his great work on YouTube. The video seems with a good environment and improved visuals. Above all, he was the developer of the well-known games –“LEGO star wars” and “Avengers video game”.

Metal Gear Solid to get HD remake

SOURCE: ScreenShot: Barely Regal(YouTube)

Metal Gear Solid: What was the problem before?

Regal emphasis of his failed work previously, where he had problems with the memory. The prototype he worked on was taking 60% of the memory. However, he improved to learn new techniques from Dreams creators. Subsequently, making the models optimize and improved textures. In addition, he has borrowed a Solid Snake model and working on his own which has produced mixed results.

However, the Metal Gear Solid previously got a remake on GameCube but it didn’t reach the expectation of HD. Consequently, this remake by regal seems to be pretty better and will meet expectations for fans.

Regal’s project seems to be perfect so far – however, there are more lot to create. The game is far from the animated details, the environment details, gameplay, and precise controls. Certainly, we will get the finished product some time or before. Dreams entry into the project on April 16 and the amount of work complete has an acceleration.

Appreciation has a lot more from bags

On the other hand, Metal Gear Solid is not the only remake that is impressive from Dreams. However, someone also has created a Spider-Ham with correct physics and satisfactory model. If the Spiderman movies fail our expectation, as a result, we can have this Spider-Ham game.

In addition to this, back in January, some fan remade the part of “Dead Space” under Dreams. In the end, we will see a lot of fan based remakes and these projects better appreciated. Though, one day we will see the final remake of Metal Gear Solid HD, if not this fan or some other from the amateur Dreams developer.

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