Metal Gear Solid V is now featuring Keanu Reeves or John Wick

Metal Gear Solid V is featuring Keanu Reeves:

The Human shaped supernova that Keanu Reeves is, is now started to take the gaming arena by storm. Metal Gear Solid V is upgrading to the mode which changes the snake into Keanu Reeves. Metal Gear allows you the feature of being either the Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu or John Wick.

These features will increase the fan base of the game as it will gather both the fans, Keanu Reeves as well as Metal Gear Solid V fans.

Metal Gear Solid V has played an amazing move

Metal Gear Solid V is featuring Keanu Reeves:

A couple of things are here to be taken care of. Firstly the model is really good. Secondly, the newly added mode only changes the appearance of the snake, not the sound.

But having Keanu’s face along with Kiefer Sutherland’s voice is quite a bizarre combination. The 90’s combination that none of the gamers would have expected but they are pretty glad about the addition.

The mode featuring Keanu Reeves appearance was mainly designed by JinMar, and one can easily download it from the link given. John Wick has always been a legendary character.

Already a part of Fortnite and now with added evolution John Wick to John Wick hex.  The work in progress mode lets one play either as Johnny Silverhand or John Wick. At the same time allowing you to leap outside the helicopters and busting out Soviet soldiers.

Keanu Reeves fans love itMetal Gear Solid V is featuring Keanu Reeves:

As per the game information received, MSG 5 is already providing one with a robo-arm to play with. So eventually the Silverhand fans get the epic ghostly double but both the appearances will be looking good in playing experience.

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