Meteors light up the Northern Territory of Australia

Meteors light up the Northern Territory of Australia

A meteor has lit up in the Northern Territory of Australia. various people who are scared have called the helplines numbers seeking some sort of explanation. The northern area has been completely lit up by the meteor and people are not able to fathom what is going on around them.

Various CCTV cameras have also caught the meteor lighting up.

Australian astronomers are saying that these are the kind of things that make people believe that space is indeed magical. If this were to happen hundreds of years ago, people wouldn’t even have bothered this much.

They were used to all this. The night sky was their source of entertainment. People these days are going inside and hiding in their homes thinking of this as a threat.

Meteors light up the Northern Territory of Australia

CCTV Footage. Source: The Advertiser

Meteor: What do people feel about this?

This is a new phenomenon for people and they are scared. The lights and sounds as reported by various people were very intense and scary for people. This is a one of a kind experience for them and its nothing that they have experienced before. Meteor light ups are not that common hence people are unaware of what these are.

Is it worrisome?

If you live in the area, you should not be worried. Many pieces of a rock hit the earth every day and they don’t cause the same effect because they are smaller in the size.

You don’t need to worry about these as these are very common and not fatal at all. The rocks travel at a very fast speed and it causes a lot of friction so due to that the lights and sounds terrified people.

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