Mi Roborock S5 vacuum cleaner is the real deal

The Roborock S5 vacuum cleaner is the real deal

The Roborock vacuum cleaner has really come a long way, previously they were just considered as a waste of money. It was usually just bought by people who had lots of cash up the sleeve. But this was something around the start of the 21st century. It mostly was in those people’s home who would spend an ungodly amount of money on iRobot Roomba.

The Roborock vacuum cleaner is the real deal

Robo really rocks:

But flash forward to present year i.e. 2019, the robot vacuums are lot more competitive and I would not hesitate in saying they are above par.

Now there’s a lot of competition from newly started brands named Neato, Eufy and Deebot as well as inground companies like the iRobot and Shark. And also robot vacuum cleaners have come a long way and are a lot more evolved now both in terms of suction power as well as battery life. A long list of items is now available in the market with downloadable companion apps. Now they are also coming with support of Google and Amazon’s lineup of interactive speakers.

The Roborock S5 is including many features that a buyer would expect from a top-tier vacuum cleaner. It includes a mopping system and also app-based control system at a decidedly pleasing price range.

The Roborock vacuum cleaner is the real deal

Seal the deal kinda product:

The functioning of the Roborock is quite satisfying as it’s a day to day service is quite solid. One of the best features of the product is that it works fast. It’s usually faster than most of the robot vacuum cleaners present in the market.

It has 5200mAh of battery powered by the suction of 2000 pascals motor. It roves adept at picking up dust, stray hair and even occasional dog kibble. The dust is accumulated in a small tray which is easily disposable.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a set of buttons that allows to start cycles. It also mentions audibly what work it is actually doing. But if you wish to have much more control of the device you can download its companion app.

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