Michael Schumacher Health Updates: How is the F1 Champ fairing in COVID-19 Crisis?

Michael Schumacher Health Updates How is the former F1 Champ fairing in COVID-19 Crisis

Michael Schumacher is one of the most famous Formula One racer who has achieved a lot of things at the circuit in his career. But things changed when the F1 racer retired in 2012 and met with a horrible accident in 2013, where he almost lost his life. Michael Schumacher suffered a horrible head injury while skiing in the Alps and has not made a public appearance since then.

It is said that most of the treatments have not worked on Schumi and he is been living under the extensive care of his family. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, it is another thing to worry about. Here are the latest health updates on Michael Schumacher and how the former F1 champ is recovering in the Coronavirus crisis.

Michael Schumacher’s Latest Condition at Home

Michael Schumacher's Latest Condition at Home

Michael Schumacher returned to his home from the hospitals in 2014 where he was put in a coma. Even though Schumi is at his home in Switzerland, it doesn’t mean that he has fully recovered, as he is under constant care of doctors and medical experts. There are conflicting reports that he is bedridden or he is learning to walk again after therapy.

However, Michael Schumacher’s family has maintained everything a secret and no one knows his exact health condition. There were some reports that Schumi has been transferred to his family home in Mallorca, Spain, but there was no truth to them. Based on the interviews of his friends, the F1 champ is recovering at his home in Switzerland, where they are taking care of him.

Extra Care for Michael Schumacher over fear of Coronavirus

Extra Care for Michael Schumacher over fear of Coronavirus

There are reports that Michael Schumacher underwent stem cell treatment in September 2019, but it was not a success and the Doctor said he is not a God to make miracles. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has broken out, the F1 champ is at high risk of getting infected and his life is in danger.

It is why Michael Schumacher’s family is taking extra precautions as Schumi is a high-risk patient. Cora Schumacher, his sister-in-law confirmed that she is worried about his brother-in-law is very vulnerable to getting Coronavirus. It confirms that Michael Schumacher has yet not fully recovered and his condition is that good.

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