Michael Schumacher Health Updates: Mentor Eddie Jordan says Schumi is Not the Best F1 Driver

Michael Schumacher Health Updates Mentor Eddie Jordan says Schumi is very Talented F1 Driver

Michael Schumacher had a major accident around seven years back and his health condition is still kept dark from the general public. There are certain reports on Schumi’s health status in the last few years but it is still not clear whether he has fully recovered or not? But there are several doctors and medical experts who have shared what is happening with Schumacher and how is the former F1 champ holding up.

It is said that the champion driver is under extensive care with his close friends and family. There are some rumors which claim that Michael Schumacher underwent stem-cell transplant but it was not very effective. Eddie Jordan, the mentor and friend of Schumi has said that he is a very talented F1 driver but still not the best one out there.

Michael Schumacher’s Latest Condition

Michael Schumacher's Latest Condition

Michael Schumacher bumped his head on a rock while skiing in the Alps and he was found unconscious suffering a traumatic head injury. Doctors declared him very critical at that point and he was put into an induced coma where Schumacher also went through brain surgery to stop the bleeding in his head.

There were some rumors that the F1 legend has passed away but Grenoble Hospital denied them and the last official update on Michael Schumacher came out in February 2014 and after that, there’s a total media blackout. Although it is said that Schumacher woke up after six months of comatose and he is like a vegetable since then, he doesn’t respond much to anything.

It has been more than six years since the incident and there are some claims that Schumacher underwent stem-cell therapy last September but the treatment was no help. Nicola Acciari, the surgeon who performed the therapy on the F1 legend said that Michael Schumacher is a totally different person now due to his prolonged medication and illness, his health has gotten worse with time.

Eddie Jordan on Schumacher and his F1 Driving Skills

Eddie Jordan on Schumacher and his F1 Driving Skills

In one of the latest development on Michael Schumacher, his former mentor and the person that helped him to launch his career in the F1 arena Eddie Jordan said that Schumi is not the best F1 driver out there. Jordan stated there are several drivers better compared to Schumi in terms of record.

He further added that Michael is the most talented in the sport but Alain Prost is the best F1 driver in the last thirty years. While the statement sounds like an insult, it is just a way of Eddie calling out Schumacher to recover and return on the racing track once again.

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