Michelle Obama and James Corden indulged in Dodgeball Game challenge

Michelle Obama and James Corden indulged in a dodgeball game challenge: know the result here

Well, it looks like America is in the mood of playing dodge-ball!! Want to know why?? Read this article for it will unveil the mystery. The former First Lady Michelle Obama and James Corden had an epic battle of dodge ball.

Michelle Obama and James Corden indulged in a dodgeball game challenge: know the result here

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Leads Team USA against James Corden’s Team UK in an epic USA vs UK Dodgeball Game
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Michelle Obama and James Corden played a USA vs UK dodge-ball game

Mila Kunis says that if Michelle Obama calls you up and asks you to play dodge-ball against James Corden then you just say a big “Yes”. Well, the most interesting thing is the way Harry Styles define Corden’s call. He says

You initially ignore the call, then he keeps calling you and then starts texting, saying, ‘Hey, did you get my call?’ And then he shows up at your house, your work, your hairdresser, your pilates class, and your shower.”

Well, the epic battle was more or less between the USA and the UK. James Corden challenged the former First Lady to a game of dodge-ball. Which was supposed to decide which country is better USA or UK? Even the announcer joked about this fact. He said during his commentary

It really is that simple,”

Team USA comprised of Kunis, Lena Waithe, Kate Hudson, Melissa McCarthy and Allison Janney. Well, Michelle Obama was obviously a part of it. While Corden amassed Styles, John Bradley, Benedict Cumberbatch and Reggie Watts.

Well, the rules were pretty simple. Three rounds, whoever wins the most wins the challenge.

Michelle Obama and James Corden indulged in a dodgeball game challenge: know the result here

USA vs UK dodgeball tournament
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The star trash talker was Janney. Team UK’s standout MVP turned out to be Cumberbatch. Michelle and James definitely showed their patriotic side in the tournament. Which was held on Monday’s episode of the popular show ‘The Late Late Show’.

What made this happen??

It all started with a small argument between Michelle and the late-night host. Regarding which country is better United States or the United Kingdom. After a long conversation about musicians and sports, they concluded that a dodge-ball tournament is an ultimate solution.

This is how the match started. Each recruited a few celebrity pals and the game began. However, not before singing the national anthem of both countries. The first round was won by the U.K while the USA claimed the second. Everything then dependent on the third and final round.

The third round began after the quick signing of Obama’s new book named as Becoming. The third round was won by the USA and so was the challenge.

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