Mick Schumacher to drive a Ferrari F2004 in Hockenheim

Mick Schumacher to drive a Ferrari F2004 in Hockenheim
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Mick Schumacher is expected to drive a Ferrari F2004 on Saturday 27 July. The race is going to take place before the Drivers’ Parade on Sunday 28th. Besides, this is the same track where the Schumacher family gained so much success.

Mick Schumacher to drive at Hockenheim

Mick is an F2 PREMA Racing driver as well as a Ferrari Driver Academy driver. According to the reports, he has won in Formula 1 four times at Hockenheim. First, he won in 1995 with Benetton. Later on, in 2002, 2004 and 2006 he won with Scuderia Ferrari.

Moreover, Hockenheim was the first track that Mick won the first series title 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship. Recently, Mick Schumacher said in a statement that it is mega driving the Ferrari F2004 car in Hockenheim.

Furthermore, he added that the last time he was on track when he celebrated his championship title. Now, he will also get to drive the strongest card in the entire Formula 1 history. Also, he stated that motorsport fans could also expect a very special moment in the next month.

Ross Brawn’s statement

Ross Brawn is the Managing Director of Motorsport at Formula 1. He recently said that seeing Mick will be an emotional moment which is linked to so many memories. He also stated that the F2004 took 15 wins and two championship titles.

Motorsport fans will be delighted to see the Mick in the car back at Hockenheim. Moreover, fans want to see the racing cars that created F1 history. This event in July 2019 will be truly unmissable.

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