Microsoft releases Xbox Body Wash, Deodorant and Shower Gel

Microsoft Releases Xbox Body Spray, Deodorant, And Shower Gel
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Microsoft has newly partnered with Lynx to create gaming lifestyle products. It is one of the biggest software producers in America. The main company is located in Redmond, Washington.Microsoft Releases Xbox Body Spray, Deodorant, And Shower Gel.

Moreover, it is also the owner of the Microsoft Surface lineup of touchscreen personal computers and the Xbox video game consoles. In 2018, Microsoft ranked No. 30 in Fortune 500 rankings of the largest corporations in America.

Microsoft partners with Lynx

Recently, Lynx and Microsoft have created a new fragrance named Lynx Xbox. Besides, they also have designed other ranges like deodorant, body spray as well as a shower gel.

More details about the Lynx Xbox Products

Lynx Xbox contains a fresh fragrance of pulsing green citrus. Also, it has woody bottom notes of patchouli and cedarwood. Moreover, the top notes consist of kaffir lime and winter lemon. The middle notes contain aromatic herbal mint and sage.

Besides, the new range also has natural essential oils. Moreover, the Xbox Lynx range comes in sleek packaging which will be loved by the customers. New Zealand business and Xbox Australia lead Tania Chee said in a statement that they have created new ranges of products for a reason.

They want the Xbox fans to power up within seconds by using a quick spray of Lynx brand before they walk out of the door. However, the bottle might look familiar to everyone. It is because Lynx is what Axe is called in the global markets like Australia and New Zealand.

However, you will have to wait for the Xbox Lynx to launch in the markets. On July, it is expected to be available at the pharmacies and grocery stores in New Zealand and Australia. Moreover, we haven’t heard any official word from the team if it will be launched in other countries. Check out The Geek Herald for exciting new updates.

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