Microsoft Surface has something new with its Dual-Screen

Microsoft's Dual screen surface has something new

Microsoft is busy in building on a secretly new design of incorporating dual-screen surface devices for a few months now. With the company is trying to experiment with relatively smaller sized pocketing devices. It does seem like they have settled for a slightly big Surface device that will make debut early next year. According to reports of IHS Markit, a researcher’s organization will be having two 9-inch screens with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Microsoft Dual screen surface has something new

Microsoft has something new:

Considering the discussions of info about the supply chain. IHS Markit has communicated to Forbes that this device could be released in the starting quarter of 2020.

The device is supposed to be codenamed Centarus. It will also be able to function android apps as a part of Microsoft’s new WCOS. Microsoft has also been developing the WCOS as for a lighter version of the Windows.

This new version of the Operating System will be seen using power dual-screen devices and also Chromebook devices. It is codenamed internally as Windows-Lite. It is more of a brought down version of the Windows which is made especially for dual-screen devices like the Centarus.

With the addition of Android apps will come as a surprise move from Microsoft. Especially if it goes on to undermine the Company’s Universal Window Platform. Microsoft will again need to create its own version of the Android App store.

It also needs to convince the developers to modify the apps to work without the Google Play services access. Also, Huawei is also in the same situation and is found to be designing an alternative app store for Android.

Microsoft's Dual screen surface has something new

2020 will be a good start for Microsoft Surface:

Also, IHS Markit is also believing that Microsoft’s dual-screen will be seen using Intel’s 10nm processors, with LTE or 5G connectivity. We also understand that Microsoft is closely working with Intel on its Surface Centarus device. Intel has also been seen pushing OEMs to create dual-screen hardware.

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