Mindhunter Season 2 on Netflix: Here is how you can watch it

Mindhunter Season 2 on Netflix: Here is how you can watch it
Mind Hunters 2 is returning this Friday. Source: Entertainment Weekly

After the release of Mindhunter Season 1, it has become one of the best crime series based on the book with the same name, which is written by Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas. Moreover, the show centers around two FBI agents Bill Tench and Holden Ford who try to unveil what makes a serial killer commit such crime in the first place.

Once you start watching this series, you will end up questioning “what does that mean?” We know that nothing makes sense in the beginning. But if you have watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, then you will know what we are talking about! But once you re-watch the episodes, all the puzzles will fit together and the story will begin to make sense.

Mindhunter Season 2 air date

Mindhunter Season 2 on Netflix: Here is how you can watch it

Mindhunter Season 2 official poster.
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The first season of Mindhunter premiered on October 13, 2017. The show is a near-perfect portrayal of the events written in the book. Besides, the show creators have taken some ideas from the original book to manage the storylines, and to draw up the characters.

Mindhunter season 2 is finally returning on Netflix. Besides, it has been more than a year since the first season debuted on the streaming platform. The David Fincher who is the Mindhunter executive producer revealed that second season would be releasing on August 16, 2019.

Mindhunter Season 2 plot: What is it about?

The synopsis from the series reveals about the plot, which centers around two FBI agents Bill Tench and Holden Ford who try to get inside the mind of serial killers in the late ‘70s for BSU.

Moreover, they take assistance from the psychologist Wendy Carr. They work together and build a concept of a serial killer by examining similar patterns in the killers. Plus, they use these assumptions to solve murder mysteries.

As per the sources, the killers and the interviews in the series are real. Also, some of the conversations that have been showcased are word to word. Moreover, in one of the interviews with Ed Kemper, he talks about his relationship with mother and reveals why he murdered her.

After watching the Season 2 trailer, we can speculate that the upcoming season will center on the Atlanta child murders. In the first season, the murder case of Wayne Williams remained unsolved due to limited evidence.

However, the case might reopen in the next season, and BSU will use their analyzing techniques to catch Wayne Williams. Apart from that, Ed Kemper (played by Cameron Britton) from season 1 will be returning in the upcoming season as well.

What is the Exact Release Date of Mindhunter Season 2?

If you belong from the east coast, then the upcoming season will be available around 3 am on August 16. However, that is not the perfect time to watch a new season, but if you are a hardcore fan of Mindhunter series, then you won’t mind staying up late to stream season 2.

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