Minecraft Pocket Edition update available for download: Check out the two new MOD

Minecraft updated Pocket Edition available for download

Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition is a Sandbox video game designed by a Swedish Programmer named Markus ‘Notch’ Presson. The game was later developed and final version was released by Mojang.

Minecraft is a creative game which has building features allowing players to create constructions. The constructions can be built with the help of textured cubes in a 3D world.

Minecraft Pocket Edition New Features

Minecraft updated Pocket Edition available for download

The game favours gathering resources, exploration, crafting variations and combat and many more features. Multiplayer is also available for the game, with some survival modes. This lets the users gather resources in order to build the world and maintain health.

This gives players a creative mode an access to limitless resources for building. This is not the end it also offers ability to fly, and also the adventure mode. This lets the players roam in custom maps created by other players.

The PC version of the game is popular for its third party additions which carry a list of items. It also has quests and characters for the game. Minecraft pocket edition is a port of the game mainly for the smartphones as well as tablets.

This is the reason why it has a Survival mode, Multiplayer over Wi-Fi, Creative mode, caves, new biomes, unlimited worlds, villagers, mobs and more stuff to offer.

Challenges in Minecraft:

Minecraft updated Pocket Edition available for download

The only thing which is problematic is that Minecraft requires payment for download. Although the newer version is available for free, alongwith the other available mods.

Added mods

Here we are having a list of mods and free features added in the modded version of Minecraft Pocket edition:


  • Premium skins unlocked.
  • Premium textures unlocked.


  • Premium skins unlocked.
  • Premium textures unlocked.
  • Zero damage mod
  • Infinite breath
  • Max Inventory Size.
  • Instant kill with weapons.

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