Mississippi’s Abortion Law blocked by a Federal Judge

Mississippi’s Abortion Law blocked by a Federal Judge

Mississippi’s abortion law blocked by a federal judge and protests hasn’t stopped since! Women should probably give up their voices and stay dumb for all their lives now. Donal Trump is right and we should support him. The laws regarding women’s health and her privacy should be made by men because women don’t understand sh**.

Too much to digest? Can’t hear a word more? Well, the reality is that power is being misused and all we can do is a protest. In this month, previously Alabama banned abortions, the verdict was passed by Brett Kavanaugh because he knows the pain of giving birth to a child.

Mississippi’s Abortion Law blocked by a Federal Judge

Judge Carlton Reeves passing the bill
Source- AP News

The Law

The federal system in Mississippi is so emphatic towards unborn kids that they blocked abortion, once a fetal heartbeat is detected. This is surely a great step of the bureaucrats towards restoring humanity and safety for the kids.

The baby’s heartbeat is normally detected in 6 weeks. The law clearly tells that once the fetal heartbeat is detected the abortion becomes illegal. This is a little tricky for teenage girls who develop pregnancy due to various reasons.

Mississippi’s Abortion Law blocked by a Federal Judge

Stand Tall against Patriarchal Law
Source- NBC News

Abortion Law: The Impact on Women

Women who face irregular periods or menopause don’t go for frequent sonographies. At times, a woman comes to know that she’s pregnant only when the heart starts developing.

In such cases, what is expected from a woman? Abortion ban is a serious problem, moreover both the times, there wasn’t any woman from the panel taking a stand about these things. Isn’t it necessary to involve a woman to make laws for women?

If you think that this scenario is going to take a woman and their right to privacy under the patriarchal arrest then please showcase your opinions in the comments section.

Also, educate woman around you about these laws if they aren’t aware of it. Judge Carlton Reeves is behind this ban, the person who understands how it feels to house a baby in the womb against one’s will.

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