‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Showrunner drops clue about El Professor’s new nemesis


Recently, Money Heist announced its fifth installment. The drama’s Season 5 was confirmed long ago and now, the production is in full swing. Even though the fans were certain that there has to be a fifth season in line, there was no public announcement until recently.

Will Season 5 be the finale season?

On 31 July, the show confirmed its fifth season through its social media page. But the fans are a little confused if this season would also bring the show to an end. The caption read,

Part 5: The heist comes to an end.

The famous mask of the show was also lying on the ground. It was cracked and covered with some dirt. Fans are convinced that the popular Netflix drama is coming to an end with its fifth season. But there is no certainty as of now as only Netflix knows the real meaning. Fans are hoping that they are proved wrong and the show goes on.

There’s a huge possibility that the show will continue as it is one of the site’s top raters.

Professor’s New Tough Rival

What challenges will Professor and his team face in the upcoming season? Sources claim that Alex Pina is hinting towards the addition of a new character who may serve as El professor’s nemesis. This came up after the brutal police officer Alicia Sierra was fired from her job.

Sierra was Professor’s nastiest enemy in the previous season. But now that she is out of her job, who will take her place? Patrick Criado and Miguel Angel Silvestre will be the new casting members. Fans are speculating that one of them would be Professor’s new rival, while the other one will be a police officer.

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