Monster Jellyfish as big as human spotted by Cornwall divers

Cornwall divers spot Monster Jellyfish 'as big as human'

It is not the first time that a gigantic jellyfish has been spotted around the Cornish coast. Before this, about hundreds of huge jellyfish have been found hidden in the British waters. But this barrel jellyfish is as big as human which makes it a center of attraction.

The huge barrel jellyfish

Cornwall divers spot Monster Jellyfish 'as big as human'

This jellyfish is the largest species of the jellyfish discovered till now in the British waters. They weigh upto 35-kilos and have a diameter of about 90 cm. They are usually sighted on British coasts, feeding on plankton throughout the summer and autumn. It is believed that there might be “millions” of such barrel fish in the British waters.

Wild Ocean Week

According to the biologist and wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly, this was such an interesting Wild Ocean Week. As, the number of gigantic jellyfishes spotted this week was even more than those found in the last 15 years. She encountered this barrel fish face to face while diving in Falmouth.

Cornwall divers spot Monster Jellyfish 'as big as human'

The marine expert, Rupert Kirkwood also talks about the huge barrels in his recent blog. According to him, he has seen more of these in the last three days. He also stated that this number of jellyfish is very uncommon. These jellyfishes have a bell, about two foot across and can weigh even more than 30 kgs.

No doubt, these jellyfishes are quite a phenomenon. They are very hard to find but this week their number grew more.

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