Mozilla Firefox launches new fast and secure browser for Android

Mozilla Firefox launches new fast and secure browser for Android
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Recently, Mozilla has launched its safe and fast Android Firefox browser. Moreover, they have completely redesigned the new version of Firefox for Android users. Mozilla has also announced the very first preview which you can test right now.

Firefox Preview has been created from the start by using the company’s own GeckoView rendering engine. Also, the new version is expected to replace the current Firefox browser for the Android mobile app.

Is the new version of Firefox promising enough?

The pilot version assures to be faster than the last stable version. Plus, it gives Firefox‘s tracking protection that is usually active. Moreover, GeckoView mainly focuses on user’s privacy on the mobile browser Firefox Focus.

Mozilla has paused the development on the application to concentrate on all its resources and efforts on GeckoView. They have decided to combine Firefox Focus and Firefox.

Recently, Mozilla stated that they have realized that users need a good browsing experience. They want it to be more private and secure than any other application. So which is why the company is determined to create Firefox more like Focus.

The developers want it with all the amenities and ease. Besides, it should have all the capabilities and functions in a mobile browser. They have also improved several performances in the mobile browser.

Early adopters can try the app right away

During a trial, the developers decided to test it before they can assure if it is really faster than any browsers out there. So, if you are an early adopter, then make sure you give it a try by downloading the application from Google Play.

Moreover, the company will also appreciate your honest feedback on GitHub via email.

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