Mr. Robot Season 4 Ending Explained, Mr. Robot Season 5 on the Cards?

Mr. Robot Season 4 Ending Explained, Mr. Robot Season 5 on the Cards

Mr. Robot Season 4 ending is one of the finest in TV history and the final twist subverted everyone’s expectations. Every episode of Mr. Robot is better than the previous one and two-part finale 13 and 14 really knocked it out of the park. However, the storyline created by Sam Esmail is so complicated, it was hard to grasp everything that happened in Mr. Robot finale.

Fans are confused about Mr. Robot ending and need to understand the timeline and characters better. Also, many viewers are wondering whether the show is over or will there be Mr. Robot season 5? Mr. Robot season 4 ending has been explained in this article and also every information we know about Mr. Robot season 5 and its possibility is also discussed in detail.

Mr. Robot Ending and Timeline Explained

Mr. Robot Ending and Timeline Explained

Mr. Robot ending is something no one could have ever predicted, everything we knew until this point about Elliot, FSociety, Alternate Universe generator machine, etc. was all just an illusion. There is no parallel world and ‘The Mastermind’ was just a mental persona created by Elliot when he was in a coma.

The personality grew so stronger that it kind of trapped Elliot and took over his body. Mr. Robot finale kind plays the whole card of everything was just a dream and it happened in the main character’s mind but in a twisted way. Darlene greets Elliot when he wakes up in the hospital bed indicating that his mental trauma and childhood abuse was the cause of his whole imagination.

As for the timeline of Mr. Robot, there are no dual characters or worlds, it is one single series of events compiled by different Elliot and in the end, they all come together when he wakes up in the hospital bed. Whiterose fixation with Elliot could also be explained in the same way as escapism is the main theme of Mr. Robot and it ends with the main character getting free from all the clutches.

Will there be Mr. Robot Season 5?

Will there be Mr. Robot Season 5

Mr. Robot Season 5 is currently not in the works as the writers and creators planned for a complete story. Bit it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any season 5 of Mr. Robot TV series. We have seen that there are other ways to continue shows such as Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad movie and Game of Thrones spin-off.

Everything is just about money and the producers, USA Network could just order another season of the show. As for the story, Mr. Robot season 5 could be a prequel, spinoff or they could go even bigger reveal that it was not the end as The Mastermind persona of Elliot starts living in real life.

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