Mumma Gloria got her nine pups named after Blues Players: Check Out!


Great news for all the dog lovers and blues fans out there. An animal rescue agency has named the nine pups of a dog after Blues players. Ain’t it fascinating to see a whole litter named after your favourite players.

Where are they now?

The Mumma dog and her puppies are currently resting in Needy Paws Rescue. The rescue centre has its headquarter in St. Louis. It prevents stray, needy animals from high dangers and killings. They are a foster based organisation approving the stay of rescued animals under foster homes until someone adopts them for the lifetime.

Since the newbies are delicate, the rescue team will be taking a time lapse of 6 weeks to wean the baby pups. The pups will be up for adoption soon.
If you are a blues fan and love to be around dogs, then grab the chance of bringing the kiddos to your home.

You may contact them on their direct line or go to their website NeedyPaws.org. Else, mail them up @needypaws.org. They will surely get in touch.

Ain’t they looking cute together?

The local hockey fans are rejoicing after knowing the nine snuggling monsters are sharing their favourites’ names. Momma Gloria gave birth to her nine pups a few weeks ago at the rescue centre. The Team Blues have had a lively and strong relationship with rescue dogs.

They promoted foster homes for stray dogs on their official website and donated a lump sum to various rescue organisations. It’s good to see their work getting paid off.

The babies are named after; Maroon, the high energy player of the team that got Blues into Conference Finals, Tarasenko, the little sleepy monster and O’Reilly, the all-time leader for higher team points in the regular season. Sadly, Brett Hull is missing from the litter.

Momma Gloria looks graceful and healthy after birthing 9 fit pups.
It’s high time for a calling action. For all those who swear to bleed blue, a dog-adoption will really do its part. Go pups for going Blue!

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