Murder Mystery : Spoiler free movie review of Netflix’s new release

Spoiler free movie review of Netflix's new release : Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler is once again back in Murder Mystery to prove his worth. His performance in “The Meyerowitz Stories” of Noah Baumbach was undeniably amongst the best of his career. The PTA approved “Adam Sandler 100% Fresh” definitely acted as a rapid-fire reminder of what people loved about him.

Spoiler free movie review of Netflix's new release : Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is now streaming on Netflix
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Adam Sandler’s is staring Netflix’s new movie Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler’s is starring the new Netflix release Murder Mystery. Well, this film definitely strengthens the longstanding rumours that most film created by Sandman are just excuses to go on paid vacations. Sandman is often accused of using his Happy Madison Production as a private travel agency.

The entire movie is set in pricey European resort towns. The cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans, Gemma Arterton, John Kani, Dany Boon, Shioli Kutsuna as well as Adeel Akhtar. Murder Mystery will be available on Netflix from 14th June 2019.

Sandler stars the film as Nick Spitz who is a penny-pinching New York cop. Like all humans, he too has broken his commitments. He has still not given the long-ago promised European Honeymoon to his wife, Audrey. Jennifer is playing the role of Audrey, who is a mystery novel, obsessed woman.

The Plot

Well, the story keeps getting funnier, the closest vacation that they ever had together was a short trip to a funeral in Poconos. A night before the 15th wedding anniversary of the couple, Nick realizes that the 50 dollar Amazon gift card he had brought won’t be enough. So, he plans a trip to Spain.

Spoiler free movie review of Netflix's new release : Murder Mystery

Watch Adam starred Murder Mystery on Netflix
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Well as you have read above he is a penny-pinching cop so the trip is an extremely budget conscious one. Their journey of the continental tour will be done on a non-air conditioned bus. They were going to visit a small Italian town where will be enlightened with the knowledge of how to create a smoked ham.

However, fate quickly intervenes and makes things interesting. Adam meets his old friend Charles (Luke Evans) when he sneaks into first class with the intention of stealing the complimentary earplugs. Charles a ridiculously rich English aristocrat.

Adam and Jennifer attend a party where an old man is found dead and they immediately know that they have stumbled into a Mystery Murder. The events that unfold before them turns the boring trip into an adventurous one.

So if you want to solve this Murder Mystery yourself then Netflix is the solution

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