My Hero Academia 4th season’s release date has been announced

My Hero Academia 4th season's release date has been announced

This news is for all My Hero Academia fans. For UA academy students are coming back with all their action-packed fun. My Hero Academia Season 4 will be airing in Japan on 12th October. The new trailer of the show released the air date.

My Hero Academia 4th season's release date has been announced

My Hero Academia Season 4 coming soon!!!
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My Hero Academia Season 4 is coming this fall

The trailer gave a glimpse of all the new heroes and villains that will join this season. Taking us on a short tour of what this season might hold for us. The third season of the series marked the inevitable end of the “Provisional License “ arc. All students of class 1-A earned their provisional hero license. However, Bakugo Katsuki and Shoto Todoroki failed to get their license.

The show ended with an introduction of the top pro hero candidates of UA academy. Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki were the top pro heroes. The trio was titled as “the Big Three”.

One thing that still remains doubtful is whether this 4th season will be simultaneously broadcasted on Crunchyroll or not. However, like the previous season, this too will have a simultaneous broadcast in English on Funimation. Funimation has already confirmed that they hold a license of the English release of this season.

Pre-release of the first episode for a lucky few

For many fans, the release of the fourth season of My Hero Academy is one of the biggest anime release this year. The first trailer promises an intense action-filled arc which has all the more excited an already overwhelmed crowd.

My Hero Academia 4th season's release date has been announced

October 12th is now one of the most awaited dates of the year.
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A few lucky fans have got an exciting chance to shorten their wait. October is far away but some people will get the first look of the series much before the rest. Funimation will be screening the 4th season’s first episode during a guest-filled panel next month.

The pre-release of the first episode by Funimation at the Anime Expo 2019 has resulted in the escalation in fans excitement. Well, not all will be able to see it. Still, the lucky few with definitely enjoy this privilege they have been honoured with.

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