‘My Hero Academia Chapter 282 Spoilers, Raw Scans: Midoriya vs Shigaraki Battle Confirmed


‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 281 was a shocker as Tomura Shigaraki is testing the limits of the heroes chapter 282 will show how the heroes deal with this difficult situation.

Chapter 281 spoliers ahead!

In chapter 281 of ‘My Hero Academia’, we saw Shigaraki was wounded badly after battling against Endeavor. Rock Lock and Manual took Aizawa to a safer spot. In order to keep the Quirk activated, it was necessary to keep the water from Aizawa’s eyes flowing. On the other hand, Shigaraki is seen ranting about the heroes pretending to be the guardians of the society.

Shigaraki even points out that the heroes did not care about the pain of people whom they couldn’t protect and ignored them. To stop Shigaraki from ranting, Endeavor shoots a blast of fire at him. However, Shigaraki dodges the attack and jumps over the flames.

Heroes were shocked to see Shigaraki move so quickly. Even though Gran Torino tackles the villain, he knows that the fire blast of Endeavor wasn’t that effective. Shigaraki goes on to grab Gran Torino’s leg and crush it. Izuku Midoriya, Bakugo and Endeavor all rush to save Gran Torino as Shigaraki slams him to the ground.

Eventually, Midoriya manages to grab Shigaraki’s neck and vows that he will not forgive him. Midoriya uses his rage and binds Shigaraki using Black Whip. At the end, we see Shigaraki pulling out the Quirk destroying drug and aims it at Aizawa’s head. The final panel shows Eri’s image.

What to expect in Chapter 282?

The battle between Midoriya, Shigaraki and Endeavor will continue in ‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 282. Fans can see chapter 282 this Sunday. The fans can get the manga online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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