My Hero Academia Chapter 291 Spoilers, Latest News, Release Date: Dabi Broadcasts Hawks Killing Twice

My Hero Academia Chapter 291

My Hero Academia Chapter 291 will depict the horrors of pro heroes as Dabi broadcasts everything to the world. Chapter 291 will be titled- “Thank You for Being Fine”.

Spoilers, Raw Scans and Plot Predictions

Dabi airs the video of Hawks killing Twice to the world and everyone is watching the broadcast in shock. Even though Hawks was forced to kill Twice as a way of self-defense, the world won’t know it and they will believe that the No. 2 pro hero is nothing but a murderer. In reality, Hawks killed an enemy who was running away to where his friends were, to save their smiles.

Natsuo is in shock as expected, and Fuyumi has been contacted. Can’t-Ya-See-Kun is in horror, and the rest of the nation is watching too. Touya surely did plan this thoroughly. It seems like he was preparing for an attack and Best Jeanist made his entrance.

Endeavor and Touya (Dabi) are having a conversation about his hair color and they are still smiling amid the chaos. There are flashbacks to the time when Touya was a kid and he looks very cute in the leaked panels. Endeavor is teaching him how to control his fire quirk and they have a father and son moment.

In the present time, Dabi says to Endeavor and Shouto that “The one who shakes the waves are idiots..? Thanks for being so calm and happy for all this time!!” Shouto replies, “Please dont move ! I’m begging you !! We’ll talk this out !!!“

Fans are already stunned after knowing that Dabi is Shoto’s brother. He also announces that he is Toya Todoraki, the eldest son of Endeavor. Furthermore, he discloses the kinds of crimes he committed. Also, he revealed how he mercilessly took lives of 30 innocent people in cold blood.

What To Expect In My Hero Academia Chapter 291

In Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 291, fans will be surprised to see Dabi conspiring to kill Endeavor. Endeavor regrets that he failed to defeat Gigantomachia, and vows to find the giant’s weakness and strike back. Deku and Bakugo are barely alive and there is no one there to save them apart from Shoto who himself is very emotional at this moment.

The manga series is on a break next week, so Chapter 292 will release on November 29. While Chapter 291 release date is set as Sunday, November 15 according to the official manga website. The raw scans for this chapter are already leaked online and the spoilers are out. But it would be better to wait for the official English version manga release.

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