My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Plot Predictions, Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Latest News

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My Hero Academia Chapter 293 will most likely show an emotional Endeavor moment. The No. 1 Pro Hero is prepared to die for his son Dabi aka Touya Todoroki. Gigantomachia has been stopped by Best Jeanist and the monster might get shrunk soon. However, there is another danger of 4 Nomus coming to the battleground.

In the upcoming chapter, Mirio coming back will play a huge point in the storyline and change the outcome of Heroes vs Villains battle. Deku’s eyes shine when he sees Lemillion’s face peeping out, marking the arrival of one of the strongest heroes. Lemillion will likely join forces with Best Jeanist.

“The threads of hopes are getting stronger and bigger!” Atsushi tweeted. The brief preview hints at Jeanist getting help from Lemillion in the fight against Shigaraki, Gigantomachia and other villains.


Some Recap Of The Previous Chapter

Best Jeanist is furious as he watches Dabi’s broadcast. He vows to not let Dabi get his way under his watch. Jeanist prepares to be airdropped on the battlefield to assist his fellow heroes. And he uses his Quirk – Fiber Master – to tie Gigantomachia and Shigaraki. Dabi is surprised to see Jeanist. Yet, he still announces that it doesn’t change the hard truth about the Todoroki family’s dark past.

Spinner mha

Gigantomachia, Spinner and Shigaraki struggle against Jeanist’s Quirk. Spinner notes that even Gigantomachia doesn’t have unlimited stamina to handle the fiber Quirk. He knows that Gigantomachia can’t do anything without receiving orders from his master Tomura. So he tells Shigaraki to wake up and give orders to the giant villain before it is too late.

Nejire Gets Hurt

In My Hero Academia Chapter 292, Nejire prepares to attack Shigaraki. However, Shigaraki wakes up and fires a massive beam at Nejire as Endeavor, Shoto and Deku watch in horror. Deku tries to move his body but is unable to stand up due to the injuries.


The next panel shows Shigaraki ordering Gigantomachia to rise and destroy the heroes. As soon as the giant villain receives the order from his master, he starts to snap the fiber and Jeanist can sense the sudden surge of power.

Gigantomachia is trying to get out of Best Jeanist wires but he is holding them tight. Shoto start to fight with his brother Dabi. Deku doesn’t want Beast Jeanist to lose focus or  Gigantomachia will break free. Ingenium manages to catch the injured Nejire Chan as Deku struggles to move. He thinks that if he uses Blackwhip and Float his injured limbs won’t matter.


Chapter 292 ends with a cliffhanger teasing Lemillion arriving to join Jeanist, Deku, Endeavor, Shoto and others. Meanwhile, elsewhere, four nomus are approaching the battlefield to fight alongside the League of Villains.

Plot Predictions For My Hero Academia Chapter 293

According to fans, Midoriya may also surpass his limits and join the battle. However, if that so, then his body will suffer permanent damage. The chapter will display the continuation of the fight between Shoto and Dabi. No one will meddle in their fight, and they both will get badly injured.

On the other hand, the fibers will not hold Gigantomachia for much time. He may release and advance to further destruction. The topmost heroes Endeavor, and Best Jeanist, will clash with Gigantomachia and try to cease him. Bakugo may join the fight with an idea to defeat the greatest foe. He will help Endeavor and Jeanist in the battle to take down Gigantomachia.

lemillion My Hero Academia

It is also highly possible that Iida will rescue Midoriya and Hado from the battlefield. And Lemillion, alone will oppose Nomus and the remnants of the League of Villains.

Release Date, Spoilers And Raw Scans

MHA Chapter 293 is set to be out on Sunday, December 6. Once the raw scans will be out before that, spoilers will soon follow just two to three days before its original release.

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