My Hero Academia Chapter 293 Release Date, Spoilers; Lemillion Arrives To Help The Heroes


My Hero Academia Chapter 293 has been anticipated with baited breath. We can see that Dabi is still fighting against the heroes. Hence, it is a good thing that Best Jeanist arrived to assist with the battle against the villains. Spinner is also trying to wake Shigaraki. He’s badly required to command Gigantomachia ASAP as the heroes are advancing.

Some Recap Of The Previous Chapter

In chapter 292, Deku tried to make his move. Meanwhile, Shoto is appealing to Dabi to stop attacking them already. Spinner then succeeds in waking Shigaraki up. And he immediately fired a tremendous beam at Nejire while Deku, Shoto and Endeavor could only watch in great shock. Nejire suffered a great deal but the heroes could only watch as Shigaraki fired his Forced Quirk Activation at Nejire. He attempted to stand up but the extent of his injuries did not allow him to do so.

My Hero Academia

Shigaraki also finally ordered Gigantomachia to get up and destroy the heroes and everything else in their path. Best Jeanist instantly felt the surge of power running through the giant as he rose up in response to his master’s command. At this point, the other Pro Heroes are heading to Shigarki’s location.

Best Jeanist attacked Shigaraki and Machia with his Fiber Master quirk and the villains were surprised with his power. They struggled with Jeanist’s attack and Spinner realized that the giant’s stamina is not strong enough to handle such quirk.

Spoilers And Release Date For My Hero Academia Chapter 293

The upcoming chapter will pick up from where the previous story left off. It will also show that Dabi’s claims that he is Toya, the eldest son of Endeavor and Rei, are true.

Another shock for everyone is to know that Endeavor killed Hawks’ parents. It’s yet to be seen how Hawks will respond to this revelation – or did he know already?

Hawks MHA

Best Jeanist will continue to fight with the giant while Shoto faces his brother Dabi. With Lemillion’s sudden appearance, he is expected to fight with the heroes and wipe out the League of Villains.

Chapter 293 is set to be released on Dec. 6, as shared by Otakukart. There is no break, so the arrival of the new chapter is going to be on schedule.

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