My Hero Academia Chapter 295 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Plot Predictions, Recap And Latest Updates

My Hero Academia Chapter 295

My Hero Academia Chapter 295 will see Mr. Compress taking the center stage. Fans are about to see his real identity after he takes off his mask and reveals his escape plan for the League of Villains.

The manga creator Kohei Horikoshi gets praises for dropping breathtaking chapters every week. Things are getting pretty intense between the heroes and villains. Hence, some epic battles are expected in the upcoming chapter.

Plot Predictions For My Hero Academia Chapter 295

The League of Villains is now planning their escape, as Gigantomachia has fallen. Meanwhile, Dabi is eager to kill Shoto. But Endeavor is unconscious and won’t be able to see his older son murdering his younger child.

Dabi wants his father to witness what he is going to do with his sibling, but Mr. Compress stops him. As the group’s central brain, Mr. Compress tells Dabi to fall back as they may come out with a bigger plan than what he wants to do.

My Hero Academia

Talks are that MHA Chapter 295 may also feature a time-jump, which may be a few weeks or months. Most of the characters from both the Pro Heroes and League of Villains group, including Deku and Shigaraki need time to recover after sustaining severe injuries.

Recap Of Chapter 294

In the previous chapter, Bakugo was in terrible condition. Aizawa, Hawks, Mirko, Endeavor, and Mt. Lady were all unconscious, while Gigantomachia fell after the sedative kicked in.


Calling him by his hero name, Iida told Bakugo to step back as he was not in the best shape to face the Nomu, to which he agreed. Best Jeanist was then ready to fight the League of Villains now that Gigantomachi was out of his way.

Elsewhere, Toga ran away. Spinner believed it would be the end of him, so he declared his love for the villain group. Mr. Compress broke free and used his quirk on Shigaraki and Spinner, announcing he was Harima Ouji’s descendant. The focus then went on Toya, who was “jet burning” Shoto. Compress then revealed his face and told everyone it was time to escape.

Release Date

The new installment would drop on Sunday, December 20, on VIZ media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus’s official website and platforms. On the other hand, its raw scans, leaks, and spoilers, maybe out two to three days before the new chapter’s official release date comes.

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