My Hero Academia Chapter 296 Spoilers Finally Leaked; Scary Title And A Major Death; The Worst Is Not Over Yet

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My Hero Academia Chapter 296 has fans wondering what might happen next as the battle has ended for now. Both Pro-Heroes and the League of Villains need to recuperate. But fans need not make any more speculations, as the spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already out. And they are here on time, as expected. Despite the manga series being on a break, spoilers were leaked. The physical manga copies are always printed in advance. So now, fans are going crazy trying to translate these Korean versions.

MHA 296

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 296 Title And Discussion

Our regular favorite Twitter user Atsushi has once again come up with the name of the title and major spoilers. The original Japanese title, translated into english could mean either of these– “Extremely, Hell” or “Extreme Hell”. Now that the war is over, what could extreme hell mean? After the shock wave sent when Shigaraki woke up, everything was left in chaos and mass destruction. We are yet to see who is alive and who is dead. But the word is that Pro-Heroes have suffered some major losses. And that could definitely certify as hell. While the short preview for chapter 297 is scarier than this chapter’s title–

Aftermath Of The Heroes Vs Villains Battle

News is everywhere that the leaks show Kirishima and Mina crying out because Midnight is dead. She was destroyed by the wave of destruction of Shigaraki. Only Midnight’s glasses remain. That is a truly heart wrenching scene. Something major like this was actually expected. And yet, it doesn’t cease to make an impact on both the characters and the fans. And not just Midnight, but there could be other casualties as well.

MHA Midnight

In the meantime, Deku and Endevour are grievously injured. There are implications that Deku has probably lost one of his arms. Todoroki and Bakugo are injured, as well. Additionally, Gran Torino seemingly may get treatment similar to Nighteye. Although, he is not dead yet, he could die in the next couple of chapters. Most likely, after a possible visit from All Might. Fans are anticipating what All Might’s reaction to all of this will be.

Also, AFO basically declared that he is taking over the body of Shigaraki. We are yet to see how things end for Shigaraki. All in all, this war was a huge blow to the side of the Pro-Heroes. So much that one of the Pro-Heroes even suggested giving up this hero business and leading normal lives.

My Hero Academia Release Date

My Hero Academia 296 will release on Sunday, January 3, 2021, as per the official manga sources. The exact timings of the manga release as per the different time zones are–

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM 
  • Central Time: 11 AM 
  • Eastern Time: Noon 
  • British Time: 5 PM

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